Record sleeve design

Ecume is a collection of musical works originally written by Thomas Vaquié for the Antivj visual label.

These are all derivations of compositions for site-specific and installation projects, the original pieces having been created as a response to place and space, to light and architecture, to code and motion. Now separated and transformed from their original context, the music takes on an independent existence in these new realisations.

The visual label Antivj worked with Yannick Jacquet to turn the album's tracks into physical waveforms, which are arranged into topographical imagery.

Jacquet used a custom digital visualisation tool to analyse the songs. The artist then 3D-printed these "sonic landscapes", and used a silicone mould of that print to create a concrete cast. The piece was lit and photographed for the album's artwork, which features matt and laminate sections to echo the texture of the concrete.


Music by Thomas Vaquié
Label: Antivj Recordings
Executive Producer: Nicolas Boritch
Artwork by Yannick Jacquet
Audio Visualisation Tool by Simon Geilfus