Nuits Sonores

Nuits Sonores
Stage Design
Marché Gare, Lyon, France, May 2009

A scenographic project developed with AntiVJ and architects Antoine Trollat & Laurent Graber for the 2009 edition of  the Nuits Sonores festival. The project took place in an abandoned wholesale market, taking advantage of its raw construction materials : concrete and steel.

Emerging from these ruins, an immaculate and geometric structure came alive, reacting to the music, evoking images of a large cristal surrounding the DJ booth. Two more fresco’s at the sides were added using the same geometrical structure as the building, further blurring the distinction between real and illusory parts of the building’s construction.

Artistic direction and visuals by Yannick Jacquet, 
Joanie Lemercier, Olivier Ratsi, Romain Tardy
Video report music by Thomas Vaquié
Production by Nicolas Boritch
Curated by Nuits Sonores
Structure production by Laurent Graber, Antoine Trollat