Alexander III bridge, Paris

It has taken the Franco-Swiss artist and videographer Yannick Jacquet three years to create Élytre, a forty-metre-long generative work on display at Le Flow, a floating building moored along the Seine River in Paris. 

Yannick Jacquet drew inspiration from the dark mass of the barge between the sky and the river to fine-tune his response to the immediate surroundings, calling on the instability and permanence of the flowing water, the infinitely nuanced shifts of light, and the interplay of transparencies between its large plate-glass windows and the glass dome of the Grand Palais just across the water. 
Élytre is inspired by the cycle of the seasons and explores our relationship with time. It is designed less as an invitation to a journey as an order to slow down. To take the time for contemplation. 

Concept, Design, Animation: Yannick Jacquet
Producer: Nicolas Boritch
Label: Antivj
Software: Eric Renaud-Houde, Simon Geilfus
Hardware Engineering: Ledpixel